Your PathSpot Dashboard

Training Resources

Click here to access the following training resource files

  • PathSpot Manual (includes FAQ & Troubleshooting)

  • Mp4 version of above video

  • Training Quiz

  • Installation Guide


Your PathSpot Account Members

Account Owner

  • Manages account permissions for all stakeholders

  • Access to organization-wide hand scanner data on PathSpot Dashboard

  • Manages payments (please provide email introduction to if another organization member should receive invoices)

Onsite Stakeholder

  • Often the General Manager

  • Will receive delivery updates so he or she knows when to expect the hand scanners to arrive and what is needed for installation.

  • Will receive an email with an activation code to active the hand scanner after installation.

  • Receives troubleshooting notifications if hand scanner unplugged or disconnected from WiFi

  • Receives notifications if a contamination is detected and the team member does not rewash and rescan within 2 minutes

  • Responsible for team’s daily use of the hand scanners

  • Training and support resources provided at

Offsite Stakeholder

  • Often Regional Managers or Food Safety Stakeholders in the Organization

  • Access to hand scanner data for multiple locations on PathSpot Dashboard

  • Receives Weekly or Monthly Data Reports


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