A PathSpot Case Study Featuring
Chopt Creative Salad Co

How a rapidly expanding salad chain prevents foodborne illness at the source

Chopt Creative Salad Co., well known for its imaginative recipes, has already established a strong presence as a leader of the premium salad segment. As they expand, the Chopt team’s continued focus is to inspire their customers with unique salad creations using fresh, quality ingredients. To support and protect their growing customer base, the Chopt leadership decided to take an innovative approach.

Our relationship with PathSpot has given us the tools to measure and improve our sanitation practices. But more importantly, working with PathSpot has created an overall sensitivity to and awareness of food safety in our restaurants. The PathSpot Team understands our priority to create a strong culture of food safety, and I have incredible confidence in their team as they consistently deliver on their mission.
— Colin McCabe, Co-Founder/Co-President, Chopt

The Chopt Goal

Like other restaurants, Chopt’s greatest challenge in food safety was monitoring the frequency and efficacy of handwashing. Despite diligent handwashing training and a positive sanitation culture, Chopt did not have remote visibility into handwashing compliance in the day-to-day operations of its expanding locations. To ensure the safety of their customers, Chopt leadership needed a solution to understand the frequency and efficacy of handwashing. That’s where PathSpot came in.

The PathSpot Solution

PathSpot worked with Chopt to install hand scanning devices next to the handwashing sinks behind the salad assembly line and in the prep station. PathSpot hand scanning devices use light technology to determine if indicators of pathogens that cause foodborne illness are present. The PathSpot food safety solution detects  potential for contamination, protecting Chopt customers and the business before that contamination has a chance to result in a foodborne illness outbreak.

All Chopt team members received training on proper use of the PathSpot hand scanning devices to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. After every handwash, team members place their hands beneath the PathSpot device, flip them over, and instantly see if they have any contamination that could cause foodborne illness. The entire scanning process takes less than 2 seconds to complete. If indicators of foodborne illness are present, the hand scanner directs the team member to rewash and rescan their hands. Chopt team members can then approach their work confidently, knowing their hands are safe to handle food and serve Chopt customers.

PathSpot fits seamlessly into our restaurant operations. The PathSpot hand scanning devices educate, motivate, and build confidence in our team members on the importance of sanitation.
— Doris, General Manager, Chopt, New York Spring St Location
 PathSpot values the privacy of its customers. This is a sample report and shows no real customer data.

PathSpot values the privacy of its customers. This is a sample report and shows no real customer data.

The PathSpot hand scanning devices record data, and that data is available on the Chopt PathSpot Dashboard. For the first time ever, the Chopt leadership team has clear and real-time visibility into handwashing compliance at its restaurant locations. The Chopt Operations and Food Safety stakeholders are able to see both when specific team members wash and scan their hands and also whether the handwashing technique removed risk of foodborne illness. Chopt Operations & Food Safety stakeholders can use this data on frequency and efficacy to customize training and ensure compliance with handwashing best practices.

The PathSpot data has been truly invaluable. We’ve seen measurable increases in overall food sanitation scores both internally and externally after implementing PathSpot in our restaurants. We are able to track short and long term trends while improving our food sanitation awareness.
— Tom Kelleher, Chief Operations Officer, Chopt

Visible Results

The PathSpot hand scanning devices and data helped Chopt team members measure and improve the efficacy of their handwashing practices. Chopt team members continue to scan thousands of hands each month, demonstrating strong proactivity in ensuring the safety of their customers. Chopt team members reported increased confidence approaching their work after scanning their hands with PathSpot, and data shows an increase in understanding and effectiveness of sanitation procedures. Chopt is investing in a strong food safety and sanitation culture to stop outbreaks before they start. They are maintaining the best sense of security for their team and customers - and it’s working.

At Chopt, our commitment to delicious and safe food has been our top priority since we opened in 2001. We want to be at the cutting edge of food safety as we expand so we can continue to prioritize the wellness of our customers, and the PathSpot Team and product has been critical as we deliver on that promise.
— Colin McCabe, Co-Founder/Co-President, Chopt


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