7 best places for lunch in FiDi

Here at PathSpot, we are regularly making trips to restaurants in NYC in order to make user-guided improvements on our hand scanners! This month, we are featuring some of our favorite places to eat in the city! We’re lucky our office is in close to Wall street, so there are plenty of excellent lunch options. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a quick lunch during your lunch break or somewhere to catch up with a friend, you’ll be sure to find a good location on this list. Who knows -- you might even see a hand scanner up on the walls one day!



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Here’s the “Chipotle of Pizza” that we know you’ve been looking for! &pizza offers a substantial selection of options to make your own specialized pizza (unlimited toppings!) or to order pre-planned pizzas. The restaurant’s funky, skateboard-shaped pizzas are guaranteed to satisfy, and there’s always the dessert pizza if you’re looking for something sweet. We also love the excellent interior design inside their locations -- the clean black and white motif adds a unique pop to your meal.

Pro Tip: &Pizza is opening up a new location on Wall Street soon, so get there early to beat the lines.


Dig Inn

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DigInn offers a wide variety of healthy and filling options to mix and match. During the workweek, you’ll see a line that is nearly out the door during the FiDi lunch rush. Fortunately, their efficient system for taking orders will send you on your way with ample time to actually enjoy your lunch break! The menu is broken down into a choice of one “Base”, two “Market Sides”, and one “Main”. With simple descriptions of each item and plenty of vegan options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something you like in no time.

Pro Tip: DigInn changes its menu by the season, so be sure to try out new options when their menu switches!


Luke’s Lobster

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PathSpot loves Luke’s Lobster’s unique startup story as much as we love their food. Founded by the son of lobster processor who was dissatisfied with his finance analyst life, Luke’s Lobster began as a single-location lobster shack and now includes locations in the US, Japan, and Taiwan. Luke’s Lobster’s seafood comes directly from certified and sustainable fisheries in Maine and Canada. They’ve even created their own co-op in Maine to provide their members with a stable buyer and a larger share of the profits. So when you eat at Luke’s, you can eat guilt-free with the knowledge that you’re supporting independent lobstermen and sustainable fish harvesting.

Pro Tip: be sure to take advantage of Luke’s Lobster’s after-work Happy Hour!


Melt Shop

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The Melt Shop is every grilled cheese fanatic’s heaven. Their menu is essentially a list of every conceivable way you could melt cheese between two slices of bread (and as cheese melting aficionados, we strongly approve). From your classic Grilled Cheese variants to your Chicken and Burger Melts, the Melt Shop does not fail to impress on the cheesy goodness.

Pro Tip: to top off the excellent sandwich choices, order the side of Gourmet Tater Tots. We went for the grilled cheese, but ended up ordering a second batch of tots (they’re no joke!).




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If you haven’t dined at a Sweetgreen in NYC yet, you should make that your next food endeavor. There are so many Sweetgreen locations in Manhattan that chances are there’s one right down the block from you. In addition to the great-tasting and healthy options, PathSpot’s team loves Sweetgreen’s five “Food Ethos”: Scratch Cooking, Transparency, Sustainability, Local Sourcing, and Animal Welfare. The best part is that after your first bite, you’ll sense immediately that their values truly drive the work behind your food! Plus, the convenience and efficiency of the Sweetgreen experience give you no excuse to not pay a visit.

Pro Tip: stop by in the summer to try out their elote bowls!



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Roti Mediterranean Grill is the perfect place to pick up a quick dinner after work. You’ll find a familiar setup here, where you have the option to build a rice bowl, salad bowl, wrap, or sandwich. Our favorite thing about Roti is that there is a greater variety of proteins to choose from, including falafel, chicken roti, chicken kabob, lamb, beef, and salmon, making it easy to mix things up every time you visit.

Pro tip: don’t forget to pack on as many toppings as possible (for no additional charge!) to make it your own.



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If you loved Roti and are looking for more Mediterranean options, Cava is the place to go! The company was started by three friends who grew up surrounded by Greek food and culture. Today, it is not only a restaurant, but it also has a line of specialty dips and spreads that you can find in your local Whole Foods (and yes, that includes hummus)! Cava also fosters many partnerships with nonprofits to help promote healthy eating and urban gardening, which, for us New Yorkers, is definitely worth investing time into.

Pro tip: There isn’t one! To quote a PathSpot team member “You could literally choose everything at random and it would still be delicious!”

Dutch Waanders