You’re Still Washing Your Hands Wrong And It's More Dangerous Than You Think

According to the USDA, 97% of Americans still don’t know how to properly wash their hands. Now, that’s a scary number!

We can already hear you protesting: “No! that’s not me, I know how to wash my hands.” But at 97%, odds are you may want to take an extra minute or two to find out how to keep your hands clean.

We all do it - after seeing the right way to wash, we pay a little more attention, try out the sing-happy-birthday-twice timing method for a few days, but inevitably we slip back into old habits.

Maybe you were rushing to a meeting and just couldn’t scrub for the full 20 seconds or maybe the commercial break in the big game wasn’t long enough and you had to rush back from the bathroom without washing your hands. Sound familiar?

Not to worry, the PathSpot team is here to help, follow these easy steps and you’ll be a handwashing hero!

Follow the USDA approved handwashing tips to be a handwashing hero!

Follow the USDA approved handwashing tips to be a handwashing hero!

We are constantly tracking dangerous bacteria onto our hands and if we don’t take the time to properly clean them we’re not only putting ourselves at risk but everyone we come in contact with. The CDC recently found that most people are even leaving traces of dangerous pathogens all across their kitchens, with 43% of people contaminating their different herbs and spices with dirty hands. And in general, 70% of all foodborne illness breakouts originate in foodservice – so, don’t worry even the professionals get it wrong sometimes.

The threat of foodborne illness is very real. 1 in 6 Americans gets sick every year, leading to over 128,000 hospitalizations a year, billions in medical fees and more than 3000 deaths pathogens each year. One study even found that of the approximately 48 million people who get sick every year, about 200,000 are left with debilitating long term ailments like kidney disease, IBS and even Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

These stakes are too high for us to settle for the current model of handwashing trainings and monitors. These efforts are simply not enough.

Technology solutions are needed to solve this intractable problem and PathSpot is filling a very real gap in handwashing enforcement. By allowing food service professionals to check if their hands are actually pathogen free, PathSpot devices not only catch contaminations before they happen, but also train kitchen staff to be better handwashers (on average PathSpot users see a 60% decrease in contamination rates in just one month).

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PathSpot is the handwashing solution of the future, contact us to learn more today.

Dutch Waanders