Handwashing - The “Do-It-Yourself Vaccine”

The Center for Disease control described handwashing as the “do-it-yourself vaccine” because so many illnesses can be prevented by just soap, water, and a good scrub. The problem is, poor handwashing still results in thousands of deaths each year and our current methods of monitoring it just aren’t good enough.

In today’s world of instant gratification, it’s hard to take 30 seconds to do anything - especially when it takes you away from your digital devices. But just 30 seconds of handwashing could save time, money, and people’s lives.

You don’t just have to trust us - it’s in the data: Community handwashing education reduces diarrhea by 31%, and respiratory illnesses like colds by 16-21%.  

But stomach bugs and colds aren’t the only risks of dirty hands - over 5,000 people each year die from food-borne illnesses, and 40% are due to poor handwashing practice. That’s about 2,000 deaths each year because people fail to wash their hands thoroughly. 30 seconds of solitude at the sink doesn’t seem so bad now, eh?

This DIY vaccine is naturally most important in foodservice, as an estimated 70% of outbreaks originate in the food industry. Despite the high risk for the restaurant, employees, and customers, the National Restaurant Association lists handwashing as “dangerously overlooked” in establishments today.

Looking forward, health inspectors and organizations are paying closer attention to preventing these illnesses caused by dirty hands - and are turning to technology to do so. The USDA Food Safety Strategic Plan names preventing foodborne illness as their primary goal, and modernizing inspection systems as their secondary.

PathSpot can fill the gap, offering a technology to ensure only clean hands are touching food, doors, tables, and utensils. If handwashing is the DIY vaccine, PathSpot is the tool to administer it - protecting restaurants, employees, and customers.


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