Why you should care about #globalhandwashingday

You may think that #Globalhandwashingday doesn’t apply to you.

For most people, the idea immediately brings up images of UN aid workers providing communities in the developing world with access to safe water or public health initiatives designed to improve sanitation standards in a rural setting. That image is not an inaccurate one. Here, we even have a photo of such a scene from this past year.


However, when even the CDC announces that 97% Americans don’t properly wash their hands and that only 19% of people wash their hands after using the restroom (according to the UN), then maybe it’s possible we are all implicated by this GLOBAL day of action.

As simple as it may seem, handwashing is still the most effective and inexpensive way to curtail the prevalence of some of our most persistent challenges. For instance, diarrhea and pneumonia are the leading causes of infant mortality and it is estimated that the proper enforcement of handwashing standards would reduce the incidence of diarrhea by more than 50% and of pneumonia by more than 25%. Given the amount of aid and human energy that is spent tackling these issues worldwide, one could easily make the case for investing an extra20 seconds of your time to make sure that your hands will not be the ones to spread disease.

Plus, if you scrub long enough you get to play with bubbles!

Plus, if you scrub long enough you get to play with bubbles!

Beyond simply a global reduction in disease related mortality, there is also strong evidence that a lack of access to improved sanitation can seriously limit development in affected communities. Children who must regularly miss school as a result of symptoms from treatable diseases are unable to reach standard education goals, significantly limiting the access and accumulation of human capital in a community’s development. Simply imagine the good that could be achieved were we all to become practitioners and, more importantly ambassadors of proper handwashing practices.

It’s never been easier to Wash. Dry. Scan.

It’s never been easier to Wash. Dry. Scan.

This year, for it’s tenth anniversary of the Global Handwashing Day initiative, the World Health Organization has made food safety the theme of it’s handwashing advocacy. Here at PathSpot, we could not agree more with this decision. Given that 80% of foodborne illness starts with a pair of unwashed hands and that through food one contamination can quickly affect multiple people, it seems like a no-brainer to emphasize the importance of food safety.

Contact PathSpot today to learn how you could be doing more to elevate your sanitation standards and finally wash, dry, scan your way to peace of mind.

Dutch Waanders