The Sanitation Revolution is Here.

PathSpot scans employee's hands to detect pathogens that cause food borne illness - all in under 2 seconds.


48 Million

cases of food borne illness per yr


of cases originate in food service


spent by restaurant for 1 outbreak

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Protect From Illness - and its Expensive Fallout

Food borne illness results in 3,000 deaths per year. Just one outbreak could cost your restaurant more than $75,000 in legal fees, retraining, and lost business.

PathSpot protects your patrons, your employees, and your bottom line with our trusted technology and reliable support.


Don't Bring a Human to a Tech Fight

Gloves and logs are a step in the right direction, but they still leave ample room for human error. 

PathSpot is the only reliable technology solution that fits into your workflow - so you can spend time where it matters, and maybe get a good night's sleep.

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Become a Sanitation Pioneer