PathSpot helps you protect your business and customers from foodborne illness.

The PathSpot hand scanner instantly detects invisible signs of bacteria and viruses that cause foodborne illness including Norovirus, E.coli, Listeria, Hepatitis A, and Salmonella.  

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Meet the PathSpot Hand Scanner

There are 48 million cases of foodborne illness each year, and 97% of Americans do not wash their hands properly. It’s time for a new solution to the handwashing problem. The PathSpot hand scanner gives your food-handling team members real-time feedback on the effectiveness of handwashing. It also collects data that your business can use to measure and improve handwashing compliance.

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Seamless Process

PathSpot fits seamlessly into the handwashing workflow. After washing and drying, team members scan their hands to confirm they are safe to handle food and serve customers. 

Hands-free Detection

The hands-free technology recognizes each team member’s unique hands. PathSpot uses light-based technology to detect signs of pathogens that cause foodborne illness.

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Instant Feedback

The 2 second scan gives an instant result. When a contamination is detected, team members are directed to rewash and rescan before returning to work.

PathSpot Data Dashboard

Data to Support
Handwashing Compliance

On your PathSpot Dashboard, you will see the frequency and efficacy of handwashing at both the individual and the team level. You will have real-time  visibility into your business operations so you can ensure a positive food sanitation culture. 


“PathSpot brings the value of peace of mind in knowing that we have an extra insurance step in our product.”

Jake, Director of Operations


“I love how easy it is. Every employee uses it as they clock in to make sure their hands are clean before work, and we have random checks through the shift.”

Isaiah, Shift Manager

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 Start protecting your business against foodborne illness